Kiwi is a library designed to make developing graphical applications as easy as possible. It targets developers that work with Python and that are looking for a way to produce applications with good design without a lot of bureaucracy. It offers both a framework and a set of enhanced widgets, and is based on Python and PyGTK. Kiwi borrows concepts from MVC, Swing and Microsoft MFC, but implements a set of unique classes that take advantage of the flexibility and simplicity of Python and GTK+ to make real-world application creation much easier. In practice, code using Kiwi will be shorter, simpler and easier to maintain than raw PyGTK, and just browsing through the examples in this guide and in the package should give you a good idea of how.

Kiwi includes a framework and a set of enhanced widgets. There is complete API documentation to accompany the library, and this paper covers the Framework in detail, providing examples, screenshots and advice on designing your application.

All you need to use Kiwi is Python and PyGTK. Gazpacho is a useful add-on, and is strongly recommended. Kiwi's free software licensed under the LGPL and can be used and embedded in any application.