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Since 2004, I've been actively involved in development of Launchpad, and in 2005 I became application manager for the project, together with Steve Alexander. These days I lead a team of over 30 people at Canonical working on building a platform for the future of open source development and collaboration.

In 2003, I somehow managed an MSc degree from USP São Carlos, where I wrangled out my dissertation on defining a Process Model for Free Software Projects. My MSc project is described in two long documents (in portuguese). I graduated in Computer Engineering from UFSCar in 1997, though most of that time evaporated into swimming pools and bike trails.

A couple of years ago (just as I had decided I wanted nothing to do with computers) I discovered Free Software and Unix, and I've been working on both ever since then. I've contributed to dozens of free software projects, and I am currently an active developer for Bugzilla, PyGTK, ZODB, Kiwi and IndexedCatalog. I've worked with Web development (who hasn't?) and Usability, additionally, in the past years.

I am a partner at Async Open Source, a company that provides development and consulting services focused on on Free Software. I helped found Async in early 1999.

When I'm not pretending to be a software engineering manager I engage in outdoor sports, travelling, language and vain philosophy. I've raced mountain bikes for a couple of years now, and from 1999 to 2003 I raced a number of national-level adventure races, including the multi-day EMA 2000 and 2001.

Getting in touch with me

Online: Homepage (~kiko)
<kiko at>
Phones: +55 16 3376 0125 work
+55 16 9112 6430 mobile
Home: (map) Rua Rui Barbosa 1977
Sao Carlos, SP
Brazil 13560-330

What he's been up to

02.11.2014 Happy Mailman Day: fixing unhandled bounces!
  • [] had the hint:
     grep ^"<[a-z]" ~/mail/bounces | tr -d \<  | tr -d \> | xargs bin/remove_members --fromall
23.10.2014 Magic SysRq actions disabled?
10.09.2014 Google Hangouts auto-mute
  • I hate it, but [] indicates a trivial way to fix it, which is adding a single line to a .config file for the talk plugin.
  • Gparted killed my Windows partition when resizing. Trying to get a recovery disk was crazy hard! It turns out unetbootin is the easiest way to do it, but Windows required NTFS which current unetbootin doesn't easily allow unless you use the hack in []
  • And once you get your Windows back you will discover that expanding the partition is instantaneous in the actual disk manager UI!
  • I messed up my GPG trustdb, but luckily: []
03.09.2014 Iodine
  • Finally got IP over DNS working and it's amazing to say the least! []
18.06.2014 CUPS & double-sided printing?
  • We have a decade-old Laserjet 1320 that is great for double-sided printing. That is, until recently -- perhaps even as recently as we moved our workstations to Trusty. What happened?
  • The best hint I found was at [] trying to set the default options for the printer. When I enabled double-sided printing, CUPS warned me there is a Duplexer Installed option -- which was off. Fixed!
30.05.2014 Updated Server BIOS for out S5520HC
  • Huge filename and pretty massive firmware update:
  • Moved from 0050 to 0064 -- a 4 year delta between versions!
  • Only issue was the the FRU and DSR update didn't get done because it printed a scary warning about not being able to detect a temperature sensor.
     Detecting Front Panel Temp Sensor Device. Please wait...
     Front Panel Temperature sensor device hardware is not found.
     Chassis fan Speed Control (FSC) will not work properly without this
     Do you want to still Continue (Y/N)?
  • I guess I'm just going to ignore that as I don't really seem to need the update for those bits. What do the FRU and SDR pieces do anyway?
  • Oh.. I guess I understand now. This is why my fans are screaming! [] [] [] [] [] []
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