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Since 2004, I've been actively involved in development of Launchpad, and in 2005 I became application manager for the project, together with Steve Alexander. These days I lead a team of over 30 people at Canonical working on building a platform for the future of open source development and collaboration.

In 2003, I somehow managed an MSc degree from USP São Carlos, where I wrangled out my dissertation on defining a Process Model for Free Software Projects. My MSc project is described in two long documents (in portuguese). I graduated in Computer Engineering from UFSCar in 1997, though most of that time evaporated into swimming pools and bike trails.

A couple of years ago (just as I had decided I wanted nothing to do with computers) I discovered Free Software and Unix, and I've been working on both ever since then. I've contributed to dozens of free software projects, and I am currently an active developer for Bugzilla, PyGTK, ZODB, Kiwi and IndexedCatalog. I've worked with Web development (who hasn't?) and Usability, additionally, in the past years.

I am a partner at Async Open Source, a company that provides development and consulting services focused on on Free Software. I helped found Async in early 1999.

When I'm not pretending to be a software engineering manager I engage in outdoor sports, travelling, language and vain philosophy. I've raced mountain bikes for a couple of years now, and from 1999 to 2003 I raced a number of national-level adventure races, including the multi-day EMA 2000 and 2001.

Getting in touch with me

Online: Homepage (~kiko)
<kiko at>
Phones: +55 16 3376 0125 work
+55 16 9112 6430 mobile
Home: (map) Rua Rui Barbosa 1977
Sao Carlos, SP
Brazil 13560-330

What he's been up to

16.12.2014 DDNS hurts
05.12.2014 Using ping -I
  • It turns out that ping -I is a bit tricky. The simplest thing to do is to use the interface name: kiko@anthem:~$ ping -I eth2 PING ( from eth2: 56(84) bytes of data. 64 bytes from ( icmp_req=1 ttl=49 time=259 ms but that is actually lying: the packet isn't going out from, which is the address for eth3, but rather from eth2's native address. I even tcpdump'd to confirm.
  • And if you use just the address, it doesn't seem to work:
     kiko@anthem:~$ ping -I
     PING ( from : 56(84) bytes of data.
30.11.2014 LXC aargh and NFS mounts
  • If you are trying to mount an NFS share inside an LXC container on 14.04, it won't work until you fix the apparmor profile: []
29.11.2014 Cron madness
  • I have been trying to get a find command to delete old files and directories under a tree; this is run in a cronjob and I've just been sloppy at it. Today I finally discovered -mindepth 1 and -depth were what I was looking for all along!
  • BTW, a trivial way to ensure only a single cronjob runs is to use flock: flock -n /var/lock/foo command Before I used lckdo, which is included in the moreutils package, but flock is part of util-linux and doesn't need perl madness.
28.11.2014 mtab versus /proc/mounts
02.11.2014 Happy Mailman Day: fixing unhandled bounces!
  • [] had the hint:
     grep ^"<[a-z]" ~/mail/bounces | tr -d \<  | tr -d \> | xargs bin/remove_members --fromall
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