How to get to my place from anywhere

Map with directions to my apartment
This is a simple map of the route to my apartment. Clicking on the image (or link for the image-impaired) will take you to enlarged version with legible street names. Getting to my place is quite easy. If you're not in Brazil, the first task is getting over to São Carlos. The easiest way to do it will probably be by plane (though I won't endorse any flight companies because their websites are horrendous) to a city closeby - Ribeirão, Campinas and ultimately São Paulo are the better options.

São Carlos is in the northwest of the state of São Paulo; it's on roads SP-310 (Rodovía Washington Luís, which runs to Limeira, Campinas and São Paulo) and SP-FIXME (which runs to Ribeirão Preto).

My apartment is quite close the the bus station and across the river [Marginal] from USP. There's a nice square in front of it. Best way to get there is to take the main entrance to São Carlos [through Avenida São Carlos], which is right after the UFSCar exit if coming from SP-330 northwards (leaving São Paulo). Follow Avenida pass a couple of gas stations, a traffic light, the cemitary and another traffic light. There will be a downhill now, and you should take the first exit to your right (across the street from the gas station). This exit is about 50m long; at the end you turn left and then right at this major intersection. You'll be going alongside the river [Marginal] for about 600m: there will eventually be a large roundabout. Turn right just before it; my building will be at the junction of this 50m street [Wady Cury] with perpendicular Tomas Gonzaga.